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As summer fades to Autumn I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the new season and start of the new school year than a poem. And that’s what I have written, a poem all about the changing seasons, not only from Summer to Autumn but all of them Spring to Summer to Autumn to Fall and all of the little things that important to these seasons. The poem shows human and natures activity in each season and poetically explains how they change and intertwine with each other as they do so. And out of all the poems I have written, I would have to say this is the one that I have spent the most time on changing and rearranging. I hope you all enjoy it and can see the seasons the same way I saw them when writing this poem.

Seasonal Sequence


Frigid winter air,

leaves cold frostbite kisses,

upon coniferous tree needles

and over exposed noses.


Lily of the valley bursts into blossom,

Robins and bees sing spring shower melodies,

As cloud tears shower the dull dusty grasses of earth,

and start the lush green growth.


Eleven pm sunsets and four am sun rises,

Plaid shirts, shorts, tents, boats and campfire smoke,

The country music flip flop stomp,

An annual event in a small town during a blazing sun.


A gust of colour,

Leave bare boned poplar trees and dancing leaves,

The wind a mumbled harmony,

Replaces robin melodies.

– T.B.


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