Add A Little Autumn To Summer Fashion

Now that the clock has stuck September that means it is time for the leaves to start falling in all those beautiful Autumn colours from rusty orange to burnt amber to pale greys and pinks and every shade in-between. And it also means that for all of us girls, our fashion will be changing too. But if you are stuck in summer mode and don’t want to admit its end like me, try adding some of those fall colours to your summer favourites. It really isn’t as hard and compilated as it may sound, and who knows maybe you will create a new favourite outfit in the process. Plus who doesn’t like trying to mix and match new pieces and old pieces to create new lovely looks?! No one right!

Now don’t get me wrong I am not some fashion queen, I definitely play it safe when it comes to mixing and matching prints and colours, although I am getting better. I do try to step outside the box a little but not too much! So… here is a peek of what I am wearing today, it’s one hundred percent my style and I love everything about it, from jewelry to colour and just how plain and simply cute it is!! So what are you waiting for let’s see what I am wearing and where you can purchase it for yourself.

| The Skirt |

This is a three-tier lace shirt that I bought about three plus years ago from Garage, it is a slightly off-white colour so it goes with just about anything you wanna pair it with from heels to sandals to bright colours or light colours. I love how delicate it makes an outfit look and how it makes me feel too. The cut is a simple pencil line but with a shorter hem so it sits perfectly on the hips and stops a few inches above the knees. 


| The T-Shirt & Blouse |

The T-shirt I am wearing was bought from who knows where last year sometime, I think Winners to be honest (I love that store)! It is a simple lightweight crew neck t-shirt with rolled sleeves. It is perfect for those hot sunny days but still warm enough for the cooler days too. The shade of grey is not too dark or too light either which makes it pair nicely with light wash jeans or a skirt like this!

The Blouse I am wearing is brand new! This is something that I don’t do often, purchase new clothing. Since I am working my way through school new clothing just isn’t really in the budget. But with school starting this week and a little extra cash I had saved, I splurged on this beautiful and adorable new plaid blouse. It is from Dynamite Clothing and only cost a grand total of about $45.00. This shirt fits perfectly in the shoulders, the torso, and arms. As well the fabric is lightweight but warm enough to keep you cozy throughout the fall mornings and evenings. Not to mention the colour! It is everything I love in the colour pink, light, feminine, and girly, but not too much.

| The Shoes |

These sandals have been my go-to all summer long but there is nothing wrong with that right?! Since I have been raving about them enough, you know they must be good. And that is entirely true, these little-strapped sandals allow me to run after children without trouble and still allow me to look cute and fashionable.

| The Jerewlry |

Where do I start with the jewelry? Jeez, all of it has been given to me as a gift for a special occasion from either my dad, grandma or mom. And all I can say is I am so happy to have received such lovely gifts from the people I love. The Pearl bracelet came in a full set including necklace and earrings purchased by my dad for a Christmas gift a few years ago. However, if you love pears like I do you can easily find a set of your own at your nearest jewelry store. The flower and circles bracelet was given to me for a birthday a long time ago from my grandma and I wear it just because it reminds me of family. And last but not least the Hillberg and Berk crystal bracelet, it was given to me by my mom for graduating high school, I love how it sparkles and can dress up any outfit.  





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