Back To College Must-Haves

With the loom of school setting in I find that whenever I’m looking at the calendar I count the days left until it really starts. But with less than a week to go I just remind myself that it won’t be as bad as my mind seems to be telling me. Especially with the help of these handy dandy ‘Back To College Must-Haves’. Not all of them I purchased this year, most of them I purchased during my last year of school but I know without them school would not be as easy and breezy. Or bearable I should say. So here are a few of my ‘Back to College Must-Haves’ to get you through this school year.

1. Asus Transformer Book – T101H

I bought the Asus Transformer Book about half way into school last year because lugging my older, larger laptop that could barely hold a charge was getting to be annoying and heavy. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase and I haven’t looked back. The Asus Transformer is the all-around laptop and tablet plus it comes in two colours, a pale pink and a slate gray (the one I have is gray, pink was sold out). Some of the best parts of it are that it is versatile, super lightweight and cheap in price not in make. The Asus Transformer book has a battery life of 11 hours so it can make it through the longest classes. However, make sure you fully shut it down if you plan on having it sit for a few hours or a day or two then using it again because it will die. I found this out the hard way, oops! The screen spans 10.1 inches and can be detached from the keyboard which allows it to be used as a tablet. Another great thing about the Asus Transformer is the price, it can’t be beaten if you are on a students budget, mine only cost me about $250.00 on sale. Now it may not be the most extravagant computer on the market but it sure does get the job done, on time and without fail.

2. Steve Madden Book Bag

I purchased this Steve Madden Book Bag around the same time I purchased the Asus computer all because the book bag I was using was old. I’d had it since grade nine, the zipper was getting stuck and then one day the strap broke, not at a good time either but mind school day. So with that being an unfortunate event, it was time to get a new one. I bought this Steve Madden Book Bag for $50.00 at Winners, it came in navy blue, black, and my favourite, gray! The bag features two clips on the front that keep the bag closed and a large zipper pocket too. I use this pocket for all the quick garb things I need like my phone, headphones, lip balm, and extra change too. The inside is lined with a cute black and white pinstriped fabric with one small zipper pocket and a padded 15 in laptop area as well. The size of the bag, it’s versatility and the adorable look was really the selling points for me. It fits everything I need for class and a little more without being too big and bulky. Plus it goes with any outfit!

3. SPC: Student Discount Card

The SPC card is for students only and let me just say, I am thankful I spent the $10.00 it costs to get it! This card gives you discounts and special offers at over 120 different retailers ranging from coffee shops like Blends or Davids Tea to clothing stores such as Urban Outfitter and Forever 21 plus many more amazing places. As a student on a budget I didn’t think it made sense to buy the card but after doing so I realized that it has saved me more money than not having the card. The discounts range from about ten to twenty percent off purchases and you also get special exclusive deals sent to your email every week. Now, who doesn’t like to save a little extra on their shopping trips?

4. The Happy Planner

Now I probably know what you are all thinking, you have heard about The Happy Planner enough! But I can not stress how much I love this planner and how much help a good planner can be when in school. They just make it easier to keep track of all those incoming assignments and due dates not to mention everything that is going on in your personal life too. But, since you know how much I love it already I won’t ramble on anymore. However, if you haven’t seen my review of The Happy Planner or How I Use My Happy Planner, you can click on the links and go see just how wonderful it is!

5. Lunch Kit & Container Set

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But you can’t forget about lunch! Or dinner either if you have one of those dreaded night classes like I do! So on your back to school shopping list do not forget about a lunch kit and container set. I know it may seem elementary to bring a lunch kit and your home-packed lunch to college or university but honestly, your bank account will be thanking you. And your waistline too if you like sweets like me! Plus, it can save you time when you are going to and from classes, you won’t need to stop for a much-needed snack for a pick me up if you have one with you already. As well it can help you avoid the sugary and fatty items that many menus feature or the overpriced ones too. If you see something you like, make it at home and give it a personal twist too. And if you struggle to make your own lunches like I do sometimes, stay tuned to see what I pack into my lunch kit over a week in my upcoming post.

Now that you know all my Back To College Must-Haves, I hope it makes your school shopping a little easier. Not to mention makes your school year a little better. Oh and if you have any good lunch ideas let me know! So… what are a few of your Back To College Must-Haves? I would love to hear about them.



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