Fluorescents | a poem by Taylor Bateson|

This is a poem I wrote and rewrote again and again from all the way back in grade twelve. It all started with a simple question of ‘What is your biggest fear?’ and lead me writing a poem about what that was. I won’t tell you what it truly is, so take a read through it and see if you can figure it out for yourself. If you think you know it then leave a comment below!

Writing this poem and getting it to the state that it is in now took a very long time, about three years in total. It took looking back at it every few months and making small tweaks and having others read it too. And I think this is something many people over look when looking a piece of poetry or any writing. You may read it and have it strum just the right chord in your heart and think ‘WOW, How can someone write that easily?’. Remember not all pieces of writing and art happen over night, they take time and hard work. And most of all they take patience and a passion to finish it to the state that makes you smile, not just everyone else. So, next time you are having trouble writing or working on a passion of yours remember it may take time, more time than you want but in the end, if it makes smile then you know it was all worth while.


A burning beam of amber light

pierces the retinas of my red webbed eyes,

causing black blurs in its wake of shapes.

The high pitch screams of continuous beeps

follows what seems to be

the unsteady rhythm of my heartbeat.

I try to recollect my faded thoughts

and decode the haze of doctoral tongues

that hang like fog in the stale air around me


Where am I?
What is going on?


My eyes open like a newly bloomed flower.

Haltingly, I look around to see,

everyone is unknown to me.





Countless faces and not a single name in memory.

Perplexed by the gathering of people

I close my heavy lids

and try to make sense of the non-sense.

With my eyes fastened shut

My mind rewinds.


The center dotted line blurred

by the oncoming fluorescents?


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