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Welcome to the simplistic life of me. You may be wondering “What will I read here?”  “What will I see?” and “How will it be different?” from the other millions of lifestyle blogs on the internet. Well, instead of me just telling you, let me show you as well! So after you are done reading about me and what I am doing here, make the click and take the journey through the life and mind of me.

What will you see? & What will you read?

If you love life, writing, and DIY projects this blog is everything you need to be reading and following. While here you will experience the all too real turbulence and smooth flying my life has to offer, no sugar coating or photoshop filter. No censor!

Life & Writing & DIY

When it comes to life I try to remember every situation with a cup of coffee, something to pick me up and put a smile on my face. Learn how I overcome and conquer my stresses from college to work and home. I will show you how I plan my days to stay on top of all of the small things and big things to do. See where and how I find the beauty and the small things and what creativity it brings to me through writing. Follow me through DIY projects from revamping old furniture to sewing your own clothing and even daily beauty treatments.

Entirely Me

So, Welcome to Entirely Taylor and my journey through college, career, and life. Welcome to everything me! I am from a beautiful small town in Northern British Columbia and have recently moved away with my amazing boyfriend and border collie to the Sunny Okanagan. I wholeheartedly miss the small town lifestyle and everything about it, from late night s’mores and beer around the bonfire to 5 am fishing trips and the simple neighborhood feel anywhere you went. But although I miss it I know I will be back and that is what makes me smile.

As for right now, I am a busy young woman in my second year of college and on my way to becoming an Elementary Teacher. I am currently majoring in English and have a passion for reading and writing.  I work as a server in the evenings and as a nanny during the day and I never forget to take on each day with a cup of coffee (of course!) and a smile. Although the fast pace city life isn’t my favorite lifestyle, I do enjoy all of the things it has to offer.

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