Five Fun Ways to Count Down to Christmas 2017

It is that time of year again, the time of holiday cheer, rosy cheeks, and noses and of course the family holiday traditions. So what would the countdown to Christmas be without an advent calendar? A boring countdown right? Well, that is what I think and that is because as a kid we would always get a chocolate advent calendar to make the countdown fun. But now that I am an “adult” those chocolate advent calendars just don’t cut it. But we are in luck my “adult” friends, they have plenty fun “adulty” advent calendars to make the countdown that much more special this year. So after some long looking around in stores and online I have come up with 5 Fun Advent Calendars to make this year’s countdown that much more special. So, what are you waiting for, check them out and be sure to get them before they sell out!!

| David’s Tea: 24 Days of Tea |

Oh, Davids Tea what would I do without you? This has to be one of my favorites, 24 Days of Tea offers you 24 of their holiday teas. It is the perfect way to have a magical, warm, and cozy countdown to Christmas. Just click on the link above to purchase it for yourself but be careful and don’t peek at all the teas they have listed inside! The best part is the surprise right?!   

| Vine Box: 12 Nights of Wine |

Okay my fellow wine lovers this one is for you! Twelve days of wine, that is RIGHT! Twelve full days of wine to get you through the Christmas countdown. They have everything from bold, robust, reds to refreshing, rich, whites and rose in between each one perfect for the holiday season.    

| Baileys: 24 Days of Chocolate |

Sometimes that plain milk or dark chocolate just doesn’t cut it am I right? Well how about some creamy, melt in your mouth, make you drool with a little spike chocolate? To me that sounds a whole lot better! You can even drop it in your coffee or hot chocolate to add a little something extra. 

| Ciate London Mini Mani Month Nail Polish Set |

Nail lovers this one is for you! 24 days of nothing but pretty, glittery, beautiful nails. This advent calendar is sure to make you sparkle a little extra this holiday season. It contains 24 polishes in total, including one full-size special edition polish and also a bottom and top coat. How can you go wrong with this? I agree you can’t!

| The Body Shop: 24 Days of Beauty |

Calling all bath and body lovers this 24 Days of Beauty will leave you feeling refreshed, hydrated, and glamorous. The Body Shop has come out with five amazing 24-day countdown advent calendars this year. Each one contains bath and body goodies as well as fragrances and make-up too! Every girl’s dream way to countdown to Christmass that is for sure.  





So now that you know about 5 amazing way you can count down to Christmas what one will you choose this year? I know what one I will be choosing! Davids Tea 24 Days of Tea that is for sure! So if you want to countdown with me be sure to pick up your Davids Tea advent calendar too. And if any of these amazing advent calendars just weren’t for you try some of the ones I have in the links below. Happy Holidays To you All and Have a Wonderful Countdown!!

  1. Clinique: 24 Days of Clinique
  2. ASOS: MAD Beauty Exclusive 12 Day Countdown
  3. Yankee Candle: 2017 Advent Calendar Wreath








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