Four Ways To Style Your Blanket Scarf

More and more I find myself walking outside and running back in for that warm and cozy scarf because, well, it is that time of the year again. The leaves are fall in beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange. The air is starting to smell of crisp snow and feel like it too! So that is why today I am going to show you four cute and cozy ways to wear your blanket scarf or shawl, plus I will even tell you about a few of my favorites store and where you can receive 10% off your order. I will be showing you all four of these adorable ways to wear a scarf using my Ella Plaid Wrap from Thriver. It is warm, cozy and the perfect fit.


| Style One: Simple Scarf Knot |

This style is a very simple and easy way to wear your shawl or scarf. Simply center the scarf on the back of your neck then tie the two side in a knot like you do when starting to tie your shoes.


| Style Two: Cozy Open Shawl |

The cozy shawl style goes with any shirt and pants from long sleeves to cutoffs to ripped jeans or joggers. It will keep you looking warm and cozy all day long.


| Style Three: Belted Shawl |

Add a belt to your scarf or shawl and go from simple to stylish, plus it is a great way to accentuate your waist. 


| Style Four: Wrap It |

This is a classic way to wear your blanket scarf or shawl, it is simple, fashion-forward, and it will keep you warm all day long. 

There now you know four new ways you can change up your outfit with a simple scarf. So what do you think? What ways do you style your scarf? and Where is your go-to place to buy your scarves?

| Three Places To Buy A Blanket Scarf Today |

  1. Thriver:  This is a small boutique out of Portland, OR it strives to encourage and inspire and it was launched in June 2017 by a mother and daughter. Plus you can get 10% off your order if you use the code “EntirelyTaylor”.
  2. Obviously Chic: Is a proudly Canadian boutique store founded by Jess in 2009, it is a truly beautiful story and the affordable clothing is just as beautiful too.
  3.  Western Bliss: Is another Canadian boutique store located in Alberta and founded by Michelle Higgins. Their focus is western chic clothing at an affordable price and they are really amazing.