From Window to Picture Frame |tutorial & tips|

Right now all things shabby chic and rustic are very popular and being that that’s exactly what my style is I love it. So with all of the videos and tutorials that are floating around Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram I set out to do a project of my own. I turned two old and weathered cedar windows into gorgeous whitewashed center pieces for my bedroom and office space. The best thing about these type of DIY projects is that not matter what tutorial you follow you can personalize it as much as you want to add that unique touch of you. I will show you what I did to mine but at the end, I have a list of other things you can do to add that personal touch. Don’t shy away, this tutorial is very easy and only takes a few minutes once the whitewash is dry. It is so easy,  anyone can do it!  So, what are you waiting for? Let’s turn a window into a picture frame.

|Here is what you need|

  • String, Yarn, Twine or Rope (I used a twine with silver tinsel weaved through it).
  • Stapler or Hot Glue Gun (I used a stapler).
  • Mini Clothes Pins
  • Your Whitewashed Windowclick here to learn how to whitewash )
  • Pictures

|Step One: Whitewash & Twine|

After your window has been whitewashed using the link above and has dried for 24 hours you are ready to begin the twining process. Start by flipping the window over so the front is facing down, you would be looking at the back. Then get out your stapler or glue and your string of choice (I used twine and a stapler). Start at the top cover the window and stapling the twine to the back then string it over to the adjacent side stapling as you go, continue this process until you reach the bottom then work your way back up to the top filling in the gaps. I left-hand width gaps between each row of twine so it gave a zig-zag look. Keep the twine fairly tight so that they are not weighed down by the pictures and mini clothes pins.  Next, flip the window sideways and follow the same process again, this will allow you to hang pictures horizontal or vertical.


|Step Two: Pictures & Hanging|

Now that you are done and have the twine applied it is time to hang your pictures. Pick out some good ones, a mixture of old ones and new ones. Use the clothes pins and clip them to the twine. Now find a spot in your house, hang it up and sit back and admire it.



Here are a few other things you can do to add a personal touch to your picture frame.

|Tips for a Personal Touch|

  1. Instead of just having the back ground be the colour of your wall you could add burlap, chicken wire or lace on top of the twine.
  2. Instead of using string or twine try using fairy lights to add a little lightness to the frame.
  3. Add a shelf to the bottom of the frame.