How He Popped The Question |Our Engagement Story|

Ahhh! Where do I even start with this one? Do I gush about the one I love and why I love him so much? or Do I jump right in and explain the most wonderful surprise of a lifetime? No, no, no, we will start at the beginning, the very beginning so you can get to know Jeremy and I just a little bit more.

| The Back Story |

So let’s rewind back to the beginning a whole 803 days ago. Back to the day when Jeremy first asked for me to be his girlfriend. Back to July 4th to be exact. I remember it like it was yesterday, then a few months down the road he gave me a key and ask me to move in. I knew our relationship was serious and that was new to me having this be my only really serious relationship but it just felt right. You that feeling in your heart that it is the right thing to do despite what all others might think? Yeah, that kind of right. And so after about two or three days of deciding, I said yes, took that keys, and we made a little home together, just Jeremy, me and our wonderful roommate. Six months later I was looking into schools and we were trying to figure out how it would work. Would we do long distance? Could we even do that? Would we move together? Did he even want to move with me, for me?

Turns out the answer was a simple yes he would. And so after being together for a year, we moved to Kelowna so we could both attend school. It was stressful at times and hard to deal with moving to a new place, going to school and working at the same time. But coming home at the end of each day to the person I knew I loved made it better and made it easier. Now that leads us to here, with me in my second year of an Arts Degree and Jeremy all done, fully ticketed for carpentry. To say it was easy and breezy would be a lie so I won’t say that, but although it was hard and difficult at times we have made it here and I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with the man I love…. Here is the first picture we ever took together.


| The Theory |

   Okay now for the moment you have been waiting for, the Engagement and all its juicy details. Before I start gushing and a tear rolls down my cheek I have to tell you my theory. Well, because without it the story just won’t make as much sense. Plus if you know me, you will know I can be quite the Sherlock Homes, so this detective theory will make you laugh for sure! So…. starting at about six months before Jeremy got down on one knee I started to put together this theory of how he was going to ask me and when. I know it’s a little crazy but it seemed to make perfect sense to me!

   It all started with some of the little things he was doing. The first account I remember was one night while sitting on the couch together, Jeremy was on the far side of the couch texting a bunch which isn’t like him. So I looked off towards him and his cell phone, causing him to pull it away quickly, then locked it and put it down. I asked “who are you talking to?” and it was one of his best friends in the next town over. Then I asked, “what are you talking about to make react like that?” He replied trying to hide a smile, “Nothing!”. Then after a little pestering and asking to see he said, “it’s about you and your birthday present!”. Since that was plausible and it was somewhat close to my birthday I just said “okay” and left it. But I still had this feeling it wasn’t totally truthful.

A month or so later we were talking about money and the tools Jeremy had recently bought. And of course he wanted to buy a new one, so I said: ” you could use the money from school, and what you have saved.” Jeremy replied quickly with a silly, I’m not smiling smirk “No I can’t, I don’t have that anymore!”. “Oh,” I said,  “that was quick, what did you spend it on then?” He said “nothing, nevermind. I don’t have much left because of the tools I bought.” Again I agreed a little suspicious because I knew the tools did not cost that much at all! 

Jump forward a few months and we are visiting family in our hometown of Smithers. While on an evening out for dinner and drinks with friends Jeremy’s bother asks “If Jeremy were to ask you to marry him would you say yes?” Jeremy was in the bathroom when he asked and all I did was pause because, well, I was not expecting it at all! Plus, it was completely off topic from what we were talking about and everyone was staring at me. All I could cough up was a giggle and a “yeah most likely, why?” His answer was “just wondering”. I thought the question was odd but coaxed it up to the two empty pitchers of beer on the table. 

Last thing pointing towards a soon proposal was at some friends beautiful wedding we were attending in July. After a while of looking for Jeremy, I found him mid heart-to-heart with another one of his best friends. So I stood and waited for them to finish then, of course, I asked “What were you talking about?” and again got the odd response “Nothing”. Even with all my pestering he still wouldn’t tell me and I gave up, but I knew that smile of his was hiding something. Something that I was not supposed to know. 


| September 17, 2017, The Engagement |

Okay now for the moment you have been waiting for, the Engagement and all its juicy details! Septemeber 17, 2017, marks the exact day. It started off just like any other Sunday, we woke up early got the laundry in and Jeremy made me a delicious breakfast while I did a little homework. We had planned to go on a small hike up to Bear Creek Falls that morning so Lexi could run and so we could spend some much needed time together in the outdoors. But when we drove by Bear Creek the parking lot was full and me being me didn’t want to be around everyone. I just wanted it to be us and Lexi. So we looked up the next closet hike. Fintry Falls, a gorgeous hike with some beautiful old barns and a small crystal clean waterfall, it was beautiful and breathtaking. Little did I know that this hike would be one to remember for a lifetime. 

With me clueless and Jeremy shakingly nervous we made our way through the open field, past the rustic barns, and up the mountain of stairs. Around us, the leaves rustled on the verge of changing colour and a little-striped chipmunk ran under and around the steps. At the top platform, we stopped to admire the view of the little waterfall and the scenery around us. All the while Jeremy built up the courage to pop the question. I was in ah of the view and the spot where we were like I usually am on a hike, I was walking all over looking at anything and everything. Then after me convincing Jeremy to take a few pictures of me and Lexi then of me and him, he knew it was the time.

While on my way to give him another hug and kiss and start talking about the view again he stopped me, taking my hands in his. His voice was slightly shaky as he spoke “So… You know you theory you had the one you told me while on our Castlegar trip, I told my mom and she laughed and so did I. Because, well, you got it one hundred percent right, like completely hit the nail on the head with that one.” I giggled with teary eyes in confusion and excitement of where he was going with all this, then I gave him and another hug and kiss starstruck by what could be unfolding. I walked away a little, taking everything in as Lexi ran after a chipmunk causing the moment to pause. Then when I turned around there Jeremy was getting down on one knee, with the ring in hand “So, with that Taylor… Will you marry me?” he said, voice and hand-shaking in the cutest of ways. The first thing I said was “Are you serious?” I was just so surprised and in shock, I couldn’t find the right combination of letters. Still, on one knee he replied “Uh yes I am pretty serious! So, what is it? will you?”. As the tears pooled in my eyes and with excitement and love in my voice I replied “Well, of course, I will! Yes!”

After it took quite awhile for the shock to wear off and even now a few days later, I’m pretty sure I’m still shocked! But it is the best shock in the whole world! I get to call the love of my life, mine, my fiance, and someday soon my husband. Although many say I am very young or too young all I can say is, when you know, you know! Or as my Dad said I am twenty going on twenty-seven. I can not wait to share the rest of my life with the man I love and plan a wonderful dreamy day. The date is still undecided but we do have a few in mind. So, stay tuned for all the wedding details to come and the Engagement photo shoot too!

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