Must-haves For Summer!

There is nothing better than a new season and although summer may not be my favorite season, it definitely takes second place. The start of a new season is a time to bring out the clothes, accessories, and shoes that you could not wear during the rest of the year. And summer is the perfect season to bring out all those dresses, sandals, and sunnies you had tucked away until the sunny days began. Plus who doesn’t love a little new season shopping spree? My style is pretty girly, lace, floral, chiffon, denim and of course the colour pink in a variety of shades are staples in my closet.  Also as a student, I am always looking for the best ‘bang for my buck’ whether it means wearing last years styles or hitting up the sale racks. There is nothing wrong with being savvy with my money. I work hard for it so I should. Don’t get me wrong I do spoil myself every now and then! I mean don’t we all? So here are a few of the new items I have picked up this summer and have grown to love over the years of using them.

| My Summer Must-haves |


  1.   Covergirl: Vitalist Elixir Foundation in Classic Ivory 
    (This one is sorta a funny story!) I am the type of girl who regularly shops at Sephora and swears by Clinique products as I find they work well on my sensitive skin. But on Canada Day long weekend Jeremy and I took a long 12-hour trip back home and with the hustle and bustle of the week prior I found myself packing the night before we left (I should have known it was a bad idea). We woke up at 4:30 in the morning and left the house at 5:00 and after six long hours of driving it hit me. I forgot my makeup! It would have been fine and I could have made it through the weekend without it but we had a wedding to go to and I wanted to look at-least a little presentable, not to mention take pictures. So the next day I found myself in Shoppers Drug Mart staring at the rows of foundation without a clue of what to choose. The last time I bought drugstore foundation was probably in grade eight. Then after what felt like hours, I settled on Covergirl’s new Vitalist Elixir. It was a good price and once I got back to where we were staying I put it on and actually LOVED IT! It has an amazing light weight feel and also has an SPF of 20 which is perfect for the summer sun of the Okanagan. I can honestly say I have found myself reaching for this foundation over my Clinique foundation every day this summer.

    Covergirl: Vitalist Elixir in Classic Ivory ($15.67)
  2. Blowfish Malibu: Granola-K  Sandals in Whiskey Dye
    These are by far the comfiest sandals I have owned. The straps hug my heel and foot just right and they do not rub anywhere, not even in-between the toes (it is the worst when sandals do that)! Also, the side strap is adjustable with the use of a little buckle and the elastic makes it perfect to quickly slip on or off. Plus the price is very affordable for any budget. Not to mention they look great with any outfit and can easily dress down a fancier summer outfit.

    Blowfish Malibu: Granola-K Sandal in Whiskey Dye ($39.99)
  3. Honey Punch: White Chiffon Floral Romper
    Now if you know you me you know that I used to be in the ‘rompers look funny on me’ group but this one totally changed my mind once I slipped it on! It sits just right on my hips and the thick tie up waistband accentuates my waist in the right way giving the illusion of an hour glass figure. Not to mention the adjustable waistband allows versatility with the outfit, tie it up into a cute bow and wear it to the left or right side or even in the back. Plus the fabric type if every light weight, breathable, pairs amazing with a bralette and altogether makes me feel very summery and cute!

    Honey Punch: White Chiffon Floral Romper ($45.00)
  4. Starbucks: 20 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle in White Pattern
    For me, a water bottle is a wardrobe staple I do not leave the house without it, ever! I used to use your everyday plastic water bottle but as the summer heat went up and up so did the temperature of my water. So that meant it was time for a new one and I was beyond excited when I saw this one while waiting in line for my latte. I waited a day or two before purchasing it, weighing out the pros and cons, then I went for it and I haven’t looked back. It is amazing! The look is very modern and stylish and I have received many compliments on it. It features a hexagonal lid, rubber carrying ring making it easy to take on walks or bike rides and holds 20 oz (591 ml) which stays cold for hours upon hours with the double insulated construction. I highly recommend getting one and it comes in 5 gorgeous colours too!

    Starbucks: 20 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle in Pattern White ($30.95)
  5. 2017-2018 Happy Planner: A Well Crafted Life
    With two jobs, school on its way and working my way through my summer bucket list I couldn’t be busier and I love it. I love being able to plan my days to be the most productive I can and I would not be able to do it with out this planner! It has tons of space to lay out my day and the printables and stickers make the planning process fun and exciting. I use it for everything from tracking bills and meals to work and important dates. Check out my “Plan a Happy Life”  Board on Pinterest to see what I’m doing with my planner. And stay tuned to see how I lay out my planner for the most productivity.  

    2017-2018 Happy Planner: in A Well Crafted Life ($39.99)


  6. Spotify- “Your Summer Rewind”
    ‘What would life be without music?’ Better yet ‘What would the summer be without music?’. “Very boring” That’s what I would say! If you are familiar with Spotify I am sure you know about ‘Your Summer Rewind’ playlist but if you don’t let me tell and even better click the link above and start your own account. Spotify is a great music app filled with millions of song and playlists, it allows you to create your own playlists and save songs for listening to later. And this year Spotify has created ‘Your Summer Rewind’ it is a playlist of all the songs that you listened to the most over the year. Listening to the ones on my playlist brings back memories, makes me question a few of my song choices and even makes me laugh. What is your favorite song from ‘Your Summer Rewind’? 
  7.  Hawaiian Tropics: Dark Tanning Oil Spray
    My summer go to product for the perfect sun kissed glow is this incredible spray. Not to mention a good exfoliation and lots and lots of sunshine too. It adds colour to the palest of skin, I mean look at me, red hair, pale skin, and the sun is a burn waiting to happen but this tanning oil turns the red into a sunkissed tan (lol).

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