• Five Tips To Achieve Any Goal

    Mistakes are proof that you are trying and doubts kill more dreams than failure ever will! I can not believe that February is almost over, that means that march and spring is just around the corner! ...

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    Five Tips To Achieve Any Goal
  • | GIVEAWAY | Luxury Panty Drop Subscription

    Ladies and Gentlemen the moment you have all been waiting for, the details about the Valentines Day giveaway! Okay, take a minute to let out that giddy scream then compose yourself again... Ready? I ...

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    | GIVEAWAY | Luxury Panty Drop Subscription
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her

    I can not believe it is February tomorrow! The month where it snows one day and feels like spring the next day. Am I right?! If you are anything like me then you hate the in-between type of weather, ...

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    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him & Her
  • 7 Simply Delicious Smoothies

    Why be moody when you can drink a smoothie?!" I have fallen in love with my Nutribullet again. I know that sounds weird but honestly, it is true! It all started a few weeks ago when I threw ...

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    7 Simply Delicious Smoothies
  • My Little Lost Package Fiasco

    Have you ever lost a package in the mail? If you have then you are very familiar with the 5 stages of losing a package. Stage One: Shock, "What!!! You haven't received the package I sent you?" Stage ...

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    My Little Lost Package Fiasco

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The Enchanted Forest

With the end of the summer here, and school back in I have been looking back at what I did during my summer vacation and wanted to share one of my favorite trips with you. One of the trips on my bucket list to be exact, going to the Enchanted Forest. It was the one thing I was most excited…

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The Best Pumpkin Scones

If you are a fan of all things Autumn that must mean you love pumpkin or more importantly what the season brings. Autumn doesn’t just bring crisp weather, beautiful colours and hot drinks, it also brings all the delicious treats of the holidays. And what’s a better way to ring in the new season than with a totally divine seasonal…

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Arbonne Package | A Beauty Review |

| My Personalized Sample Kit | I have been looking to find a new line of beauty products to ramp up my makeup collection and my morning and night face wash routine. There is nothing wrong with the one I use now and I do love it dearly but it is an acne face wash by Clinique and I am…

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Add A Little Autumn To Summer Fashion

Now that the clock has stuck September that means it is time for the leaves to start falling in all those beautiful Autumn colours from rusty orange to burnt amber to pale greys and pinks and every shade in-between. And it also means that for all of us girls, our fashion will be changing too. But if you are stuck in…

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Back To College Must-Haves

With the loom of school setting in I find that whenever I’m looking at the calendar I count the days left until it really starts. But with less than a week to go I just remind myself that it won’t be as bad as my mind seems to be telling me. Especially with the help of these handy dandy ‘Back…

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The 2017 Liebster Award

This past month has been such a wonderful, inspiring and rewarding month. Not only did I celebrate turning 20 but I also introduced my blog to the world. And now one month in, I have been given the opportunity to be nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award. And I couldn’t be more happy to say yes and accept! I was…

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Seasonal Sequences | A Poem By Taylor Bateson |

As summer fades to Autumn I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the new season and start of the new school year than a poem. And that’s what I have written, a poem all about the changing seasons, not only from Summer to Autumn but all of them Spring to Summer to Autumn to Fall and all of…

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The Back To College Survival Kit

With school on its way around the corner, it is that time of year again! Time to start preparing and I mean prepare for everything. So that is why you need to get yourself a cute little bag and make your own ‘Back to College Survival Kit’. Have you ever been in class with annoying flickering and buzzing fluorescent lights?…

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