• A Beginners Guide To Going GREEN In 2018

    Lately, I have been seeing posts, videos, and ads all about going green or even trash free and with the start of the new year, I couldn't think of a better time to start. So that is why I am sharing ...

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    A Beginners Guide To Going GREEN In 2018
  • Ten Ways To Conquer 2018

    Happy New Year from me to you! What is your favourite thing about the start of a new year? For me, it is the feeling of a fresh new start, the feeling that I can conquer anything. Silly and very ...

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    Ten Ways To Conquer 2018
  • Stop. Drop. 2017 Rewind!

    "Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters" Goodbye, two thousand seventeen! Hello, Two Thousand Eighteen! I am so excited for the new year because that means it is time to reflect ...

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    Stop. Drop. 2017 Rewind!
  • Time For An Update!

    Since the New Year is coming I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to change a few things with Entirely Taylor. Now, now, no need to be upset. Change is good and I am very excited to ...

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    Time For An Update!
  • Fifteen Wonderful Winter Date Ideas

    Oh, the Christmas season! What a wonderful time of year to spend it with family, friends, and a beloved lover. The perfect time of year for some festive date nights, date days, or even date weekends. ...

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    Fifteen Wonderful Winter Date Ideas

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Quails Gate Winery |Surprise Anniversary Dinner|

One month ago today marked two years for my beloved boyfriend Jeremy and I. So we planned to go for a nice dinner as a way of celebrating it. I suggested a few places that were local around Kelowna then we both remembered that on the 4th of July we would be in the jeep driving back from our hometown…

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Happy Planner |A Well Crafted Life|

*caution this is not a sponsored post I just love their planners.* You may have noticed, now that it is getting closer to the school year all of these beautiful and creative planners all over Instagram, Pinterest, and the blogging world. And I would like to introduce to you that planner, The Happy Planner! As a busy little bee, I love…

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North Of Suburbia

This is a poem I wrote last year in the first semester of a creative writing class I took. Even with of all the poems I wrote and rewrote this one is still my favorite and probably the least personal. I am working on building up the courage to show all of you some of my more personal poetry so, stay…

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Three Layer Lemon Cherry Cheesecake |recipe & tips|

National Cheesecake Day! Who knew that it was even a thing, I sure didn’t and I’m not complaining! It was the perfect excuse for me to do a little baking and take a little trip to the cherry orchards too. One of my favorite fruits is the cherry and there is just something about freshly picked ones.They seem sweeter, juicier…

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From Window to Picture Frame |tutorial & tips|

Right now all things shabby chic and rustic are very popular and being that that’s exactly what my style is I love it. So with all of the videos and tutorials that are floating around Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram I set out to do a project of my own. I turned two old and weathered cedar windows into gorgeous whitewashed centerpieces…

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Must-haves For Summer!

There is nothing better than a new season and although summer may not be my favorite season, it definitely takes second place. The start of a new season is a time to bring out the clothes, accessories, and shoes that you could not wear during the rest of the year. And summer is the perfect season to bring out all…

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How To Whitewash | tutorial & tips |

By now you have probably seen tons of pictures of DIY rustic windows, furniture, and pretty much anything you can paint white floating all over Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Not only do those whitewashed projects look beautiful, they are also a great inexpensive way to add a shabby chic or rustic look to your home decor. And the even better…

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Summer Bucket List 2017

  As a student, the summer means time to have fun and is a time where you can do all the things you wanted to do but couldn’t while juggling homework, classes and a job. And what a better place to spend your summer than in the sunny Okanagan?  I couldn’t think of anywhere else either! This year will be…

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Hello Twenty and Hello World

Welcome to Entirely Taylor! I am new to the blogging world and really the whole social and online community in general but I am excited to share my journey with you. While reading other blogs about the “How to’s” of staring your own blog and writing your first post I noticed a few things. They all say the same thing;…

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Sample Post with Threaded Comments

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus ultricies ultricies nulla, convallis maximus lacus imperdiet sed. Etiam gravida arcu eget scelerisque gravida. Donec sit amet lectus feugiat, cursus felis sed, suscipit leo. Nulla facilisi. Phasellus dolor ipsum, convallis in quam nec, lobortis facilisis dolor. Pellentesque purus diam, laoreet vitae erat tincidunt, rutrum imperdiet dolor. Donec dapibus augue ut dolor…

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