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If you read my last post about The Happy Planner you will know just how in love with it I am and if you haven’t click here to check it out. And I bet by the time you are done reading, you will be heading to the store to pick up your own! … Now that you have read how wonderful The Happy Planner is I will be showing just how I use mine to make the most of the space and everything it has to offer.

The Happy Planner that I chose is called ‘A Well Crafted Life’ I loved the rustic and elegant look of this planner, not to mention the spacious vertical weekly layout and a monthly calendar at the beginning of each month. I use my monthly calendar to keep track of any important things such as bills and payments; I don’t use it for much else because I like to keep it clean. Each week is spread out over two pages and starts on Monday. Then for each day, there are three separate boxes stacked on top of each-other for writing everything you need to do.

The first thing I do with each month is choose a theme, whether it is one I print-out and paste in myself or if it is making my own theme with stickers and washi tape. Either way, I keep the same setup week to week and month to month. It makes for a simplistic design and an easy to remember one. Adding a theme to each month is one of best parts about The Happy Planner, it is fun and creative at the same time. When I’m adding a theme to a month, a print-one that is, I make I have some extra time, grab a drink, maybe some wine or tea, turn on a playlist, then start planning away. For August this month, I chose a fun and bright print-out theme in pink, black, and floral (it can be found here). I found it on Pinterest as I do all of my monthly themes. If you want to check out all of the themes I love, take a scroll through my board ‘Plan A Happy Life’.

Next, I fill out the ‘currently’ page. This has to be one the best parts about the Happy Planner because it means I get to think about all the things I’m loving right now and look back on what I was loving in the previous month. Each ‘Month Preview Page’ as I call it includes a ‘Currently’ section, ‘Birthdays’ for the month, a ‘Dates To Remember’ space and a little ‘Notes’ section as well. I make sure to fill out the ‘Dates to Remember’ because it is a very handy layout to be able to flip to the page and see what needs to be done this month.

|Everything I’m Currently Loving This August|

Reading: Paper Weight by Meg Haston.

Planning: Blog Posts and Happy Planner Ideas (no surprise I know!)

Watching: Shameless.

Cooking: Everything on the BBQ (specifically zucchini).

Eating: Fruit Salad and BBQ Zucchini.

Drinking: Iced Coffee and TSP Honey Lager (the best honey beer I’ve had so far). 

Pinning: Fall Fashion.

Crafting: Mason Jars and a Cork Board (hows to’s coming soon:).

Going: Highway 33 Day Trip.

Loving: My Nanny Job.

Dreaming: Of A Longer Summer.

Feeling: Joyful.

Listening: The Old Songs I found On My Computer.

Celebrating: Lexi’s Birthday.


I use the first box throughout each week for all my ‘To Do’s’ and Important Reminders. The second box I keep reserved for keeping track of my work, bills that are due soon and coffee dates. Now last but not least the third box, I use this one for keeping track of my health including everything from daily weigh-ins to what I eat to water intake and vitamins. If I exercised more like I know I should, I would log it here too. Then for the weekend I section it off and allow myself the two days off from tracking all my health stuff. Saturdays I usually work so it stays pretty empty but Sunday is always filled up to the brim with things to do such as laundry, groceries, and a good clean of the house. Oh and not to mention any fun activity I have planned for my one day off. Right now this is how I use my planner for my busy day-to-day life but once school starts again in September I will be making a few key adjustments to fit in the school schedule too (so stay tuned)


I have purchased some fun stickers and accessories to make the planning process fun but don’t get me wrong I haven’t gone and spent the big bucks on my stickers, I honestly got them all on sale! The Micheals I shop at has a little clearance section about 3 shelves long and 3 shelves high that most likely goes unlooked at by anyone just passing by because it can be quite messy, but don’t let that scare you. Stop and take a look, you never know what goodies you may find and the best part is it will mostly be half the price and look identical to what is on the shelf for full price.

Now that you know how I use my Happy Planner I hope that it helps you to use yours as well. So get your planner out, look up some print-outs and start on your planner. Remember it won’t look perfect but it will be unique to you and that is the best part. Happy Planning everyone and stay tuned to see how I layout my school planner.

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  1. Great post. 🙂 I have been thinking of getting similar kind of planner but haven’t done it yet because spending more than 15$ for planner or notebook seems a little scary to me. 😀

    1. I thought the same thing before I purchased mine! But I haven’t looked back, just stay on top of using it and you won’t regret it 😊 you can always buy a cheaper on too and add stickers and printouts too that one too!

  2. Such a good read. I said this year I would be doing a planner, and I wanted to try a bullet journal, but that only lasted like a week.. Wish I had your patience and creativity! 🙂

  3. I love this idea! I am ready to head out to the store and get a planner. I love the idea of listing the things your are into for that month, because for me that changes all the time. I like this mindfulness you get from setting up a planner like this and the way you have done it–it is also a fun activity too. I can’t wait to try this out. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This planner looks super cute! I have just ordered Erin Condren planner few days ago and I cannot wait to get it. I love planning and I love the stickers, just like a little kid 🙂

  5. For years, I used to chose one theme for every month too. Doing that worked out really well for me back then. Thank you for reminding me that I used to do that. I might start that up again. I love that you have everything so organized. Good for you. It’s also nice that you love your nanny job. 🙂

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