Quails Gate Winery |Surprise Anniversary Dinner|

One month ago today marked two years for my beloved boyfriend Jeremy and I. So we planned to go for a nice dinner as a way of celebrating it. I suggested a few places that were local around Kelowna then we both remembered that on the 4th of July we would be in the jeep driving back from our hometown for a long twelve hours.  We were not overly thrilled that we didn’t get to do something fun and exciting, but we knew we would make the most of it. And so we did! Instead of taking the normal way we always drove we decided to take the scenic route through Ashcroft and Merrit. The scenery and the view as you climb the mountain was gorgeous! So of course I had to stop to take some pictures and Jeremy did so without a second thought. The last time we had both taken this route was when we were kids, so it was exciting to make this new memory together!

A quick stop for a picture on the long drive.


Once we got home it was well past dinner so we decided on takeout and a movie at home. The next day we were both back to work full force and with my one day off a week, I prompted Jeremy to do whatever he had planned as a surprise. As long as we were together that is all I cared about. And so he did just that, surprised me!

The day before the reservation he told me the time we had to be at dinner, 8:30 the only time available apparently. He didn’t say where we were going, just that we had to dress up. Now, by this point I was boiling with excitement and just couldn’t wait! I had so many questions running through my mind. “Where are we going?” “How dressed up do we have to be?” “How expensive will it be?” Not too expensive I hope! “What will I wear?” “What shoes will I wear?” and my hair, “How will I do my hair?”

Then it was the day! The day of the surprise, and with the clock marking eight we were both done up fancier than normal and ready go. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face and I’m pretty sure just seeing how excited I was made Jeremy just as excited. I hopped in the truck still clueless as to where Jeremy was taking me but never the less excited. We drove across the bridge and turned down ‘Winery Lane’ as I call it. My heart was racing to know where we would stop as Jeremy asked with a smile “Do you know where we are going yet?”. “No!” I said with excitement, “There are so many wineries over here I want to see, it could be any!” We drove past Grizzly, then Mission Hill and finally arrived at our destination Quails Gate. The view was amazing really jaw dropping, to say the least. I couldn’t believe that Jeremy had really chosen this place and I didn’t question it at all. He is always listening to little things I mention and I’m pretty sure that is how he came up with this one.


Over dinner, we laughed and reminisced on how we used to be and the memories we had made over the time we shared together. I honestly felt so lucky! Just to see how far we have come from two years ago to now, still amazes me.

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