Summer Bucket List 2017


As a student, the summer means time to have fun and is a time where you can do all the things you wanted to do but couldn’t while juggling homework, classes and a job. And whats a better place to spend your summer than in the sunny Okanagan?  I couldn’t think of anywhere else either! This year will be my boyfriend Jeremy and I’s first full summer in the Okanagan with August 15 marking the end of one full year here and much more to come. The first year was wonderful. It was packed full of new opportunities and achievements for both Jeremy and I. Jeremy finished three years of carpentry, back to back and now has his Red Seal, while I finished the first year of my Arts Degree with my second in the sights, found a passion for Psychology and have made many new friends. The move was scary and had its difficulties but, looking back on it now I would have to say that it is definitely one of the most rewarding things I have done so far in life. However, because we moved in late summer last year and were flung full force into school and work so we didn’t get to do the much-needed exploring we wanted to…

But, over the year I made sure to jot down all of the restaurants we wanted to try, hikes we wanted to take Lexi on, activities we wanted to do and little adventures too. So this summer, I put all those things into a list in hopes of ticking them all off! Just click on one below to see and read about how that adventure went.

The Bucket List:

  1. Enderby Drive-In Theater
  2. Winery Dinner
  3. Twin Lakes Hike 
  4. Enchanted Forest Trip
  5. D Dutchmen Dairy, Ice cream Shop
  6. Kettle Valley Steam Train  
  7. Fruit Picking 
  8. Spion Kop Hike 
  9. Visit the Log Barn
  10. Enderby Cliffs Hike 
  11. Tickleberries Ice cream Shop
  12. Penticton Channel Float  

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