Fifteen Wonderful Winter Date Ideas

Oh, the Christmas season! What a wonderful time of year to spend it with family, friends, and a beloved lover. The perfect time of year for some festive date nights, date days, or even date weekends. If you are running out of ideas look no further because I have Fifteen fun, creative, and festive winter date ideas just for you. Each one is sure to spice up your next adventure with your loved one, friend, or family. End 2017 with some fun and jump into one of these amazing dates… So… What are you waiting for? Grab a cup of hot cocoa and plan these dates for weeks to come!

| ONE | Snowman Building Contest

Bundle up and head outside! Build a snowman, big or small, creative or traditional take a picture and see what your friends think and have them judge who wins the contest. Make the prize something small and fun, like a back rub or a homemade dinner.  

| TWO | Snowball Fight 

Who doesn’t like a good old fashion snowball fight? I know I like them, they are fun, silly, and competitive, plus a hot cup of cocoa tastes so much better after a day out in the cold snow.

| THREE | Movie Marathon 

Put on some PJ’s and grab a drink, wine, baileys and coffee then grab some of your favourite Christmas movies. Snuggle up on the couch or in bed and watch away. My favourites are Home Alone, Roudoulfs Christmas, and The Grinch. What are your favourites? 

| FOUR | Bake & Decorate Sugar Cookies 

MMM cookies! Pull out the cookies cutters, bake up some delicious sugar cookies and whip together some sweet buttercream icing and get to decorating. Your mouth will be watering and your house will smell like a bakery after this little baking date.   

| FIVE | See The Neighborhood Christmas Lights

Get out of the house and hop into a warm vehicle, take a look at all the beautiful Christmas lights around town. This is something I used to do as a child and I loved it. My Dad would take us to Tim Hortons for a hot chocolate and tim-bits then we would drive around and look at all the wonderful light. 

| SIX | Go Ice Skating 

Lace it is tight and hit the rink or lake. Bring a puck and sticks along and make it a hockey date if you are into a competition. 

| SEVEN | Go Christmas Shopping

Hit the mall or main street, and give each other a little Christmas list of some of your must-have ideas and split up for an hour then meet back where you started. Careful you don’t bump into each other or rack up that bank account too much!

| EIGHT | Make Ugly Christmas Sweaters 

Stop by the thrift store and find the ugliest wool sweater you can, grab the hot glue gun, silly Christmas decorations and lastly the camera. Take a silly picture in front of the Christmas tree with your new fashionable sweaters and send it out in the Christmas Cards. This will be sure to have everyone in the family laughing!

| NINE | Have a Lazy PJ Day

You read it right! Have a lazy PJ day, skip leaving the house and buddle up together, make a yummy full breakfast with bacon, eggs, waffles, hashbrowns, and anything else you love. Relax and unwind from the busy everyday life.

| TEN | Build a Gingerbread House

Get out the measuring cups, sprinkles, candies and make some gingerbread. Cut out your own templates and make your very own gingerbread house with my recipe here! If that is out of your comfort zone grab one on your next trip to the grocery store, it is just as fun. 

| ELEVEN | Go Ice Fishing

Pack a lunch, some extra coffee, and the fishing rods then head out to your favorite lake and wait for the bites. A day spent outside in nature is the best type of day. But don’t forget to bundle up! This date is good for the whole family, dogs and all. 

| TWELVE | Hit The Slopes

Whether you ski or snowboard or if you are just going tobogganing. Get outside and enjoy the lovely winter weather.   

| THIRTEEN | Make Christmas Ornaments 

Pull out some paint or markers and doodle away! Make some silly, funny, or pretty then hang your creations on the tree. Then next year when you pull them out you will be sure to laugh and smile. 

| FOURTEEN | Go Christmas Tree Hunting

Head out to the bush or to a tree lot and hunt for the perfect, full, lush green Christmas tree to take home for the holiday. Be careful not to take and animals home with it! 

| FIFTEEN | Have A Baking Day 

Pull out the rolling pin. The flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, look up a fun recipe or pull out a family classic and bake away! My favourites are shortbread, fluffy shortbread with cranberry compote, and sugar cookies. What is your favourite holiday treat? 

I can not wait to tick a few of these off myself starting with a gingerbread house and a lazy PJ day. Now that you have a long list of dates for everyone this holiday season! How will you be spending it? Tucked under a warm blanket inside or bundled up outside? I know mine will be a mixture of both 🙂 


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