A Beginners Guide To Going GREEN In 2018

Lately, I have been seeing posts, videos, and ads all about going green or even trash free and with the start of the new year, I couldn’t think of a better time to start. So that is why I am sharing with you some simple tips and tricks to get you on that yellow brick road and on your way to living a greener life. 

We all know the three R’s: REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE we learn them in kindergarten or before, but do you really follow them? I know it can be hard but with some small changes over time, you will see it is easy to integrate it into your daily life. Now, now, I’m not saying you have to go recycling everything but what is the harm in keeping an eye on what is going into the trash versus what can be reduced, reused and recycled.

Did you know that it can even save you money? That’s right! Cut your grocery bill down and save the environment at the same time. I know I am a fan of saving an extra buck or two in the bank and I bet you are too. If you are interested in hopping on the yellow brick road to a green 2018 then follow along with me! Make the switches and watch the savings climb and your carbon footprint shrink. Or if you are feeling really up to the challenge try to go completely trash free! There are tons of resources online that will help such as these three amazing bloggers.

Mind Body Green 

Trash Is For Tossers

My Domaine 

So here are some the simple switches you can make today and become that much closer to living a happy, healthier, and greener life! 

| One | Switch Out Your Grocery Bags

This is one of the easiest things you can do and the best part is it will only cost your 1 to 2 dollars on each trip until you build up a big enough collect to fit all your groceries into. You would be surprised how much you can fit into one reusable bag compared to your standard grocery bag! On my trips to the grocery store, I use about 4-5 bags tops. So next time you are at the grocery store buy one of the reusable bags and make the switch slowly! 

| Two | Keep A Reusable Cup On You or Water Bottle

Instead of getting a hot drink to go in a paper cup use a reusable thermos or mug! It will keep your drink hotter for longer and it will taste much better. Keep the water bottle with you and quench your thirst at any time. I make sure to bring one with me every time I uptown or to class or just out and about. It saves me money because I do not have to buy a drink and cuts down on how much plastic I use. 

| Three | Dryer Balls   

These are a quick, cheap, and easy way to cut down on waste all while saving some money! Buy a set of dryer balls next time you run out of dryer bounce, they can be used over and over thousands of times, they keep your laundry soft and cozy all while helping out the earth. 

| Four | A Lunch Kit and Containers

This is one that will save you tons of money and keep you healthy in the process! Whether you are a student or work and nine to five job or if you are just spending a day uptown or at the beach a lunch kit is for you. Oh, and did I mention they have some adorable ones at that, full kits that come with the bag, containers and even the ice packs! Or you can even buy some reusable bags for snacks and them with you on a walk.

| Five | The Bulk aisle

Bring your own reusable produce bags to the bulk aisle and load up on your grains, flour, quinoa, seeds, nuts and anything else you need without all the plastic bags. It is usually cheaper to buy from the bulk section too so that is only a bonus!

Now that you know about all the ways you can save some money and save the planet in the process it makes it that much easier to make the changes. I know I will be making some switch over the months, so why not join me and let me know what you think! 



Ten Ways To Conquer 2018

Happy New Year from me to you! What is your favourite thing about the start of a new year? For me, it is the feeling of a fresh new start, the feeling that I can conquer anything. Silly and very cliche I know, but don’t judge a girl for embracing the feeling of a fresh start. I love setting goals and I love the feeling I get when I achieve them. Although I know a lot of people may find it silly to make new year resolutions I am hopping on the resolution train and have come up with 10 of my very own. I love the sense of community that goals give to people and being able to cheer each other on for bettering themselves is so fun. So in honor of the New Year, I have come up with 10 goals that I would like to achieve within the year.

My Ten Goals for 2018
| One | Plan Ahead 

If you know me, you know I am definitely a planner person but lately, I have been slacking and I fell off planning while in school. It just made everything stressful, I was having to double and triple check a bunch of papers and try to remember important school dates, but I am not going to let that happen this semester! As soon as I get the syllabus I am writing it all down in my planner to stay on top of it!  That also means planning all my blog post too so that I am not scrambling for content at the last minute.  

| Two | Stay Focused 

Oh, procrastination you are such a bad friend of mine, always telling me to do something other than study. This is a goal that I should be able to do without a lot of hesitation, as long as I stay on top of all my flash cards, reading, and assignments It should be no problem. No leaving anything until the last minute for this girl. 

| Three | Be Consistent
“Consistency is what transforms average into excellence” 

Transform Entirely Taylor from average to excellent it exactly what I aim to do this year. You will be seeing more content, articles, stories, and even giveaways. I love the support I have right now and the community there is behind having a blog, but to be successful with it I need to be consistent with my posting even if that means posting something small. I aim to gain more regular viewers and make a name for me, so stay tuned. I have some wonderful ideas coming your way. 

| Four | Eliminate Clutter  

I have already started this one and we are only on day three of January! It is out with the old, and well, out with the old! That means going through all of my stuff and giving it away starting with the closet. I have so much that I don’t wear and it could be worn by someone in need instead of just hanging in my closet. Along with my closet are my makeup and skincare drawers they definitely need to be decluttered, so that is what I will be starting. Along with this comes not bringing new stuff into the house that I don’t need but want.    

| Five | Reorganize My Planner 

Just like decluttering areas of my house I will be doing the same to my planner. I will be revamping the way I use it to make it more enjoyable, easier to use, and more space conscious! I have bought some new stickers, washi tape, and all that jazz so it is time to make it pretty! Time for a practical nice layout and just an overall nicer layout. 

| Six | Be Finance Wise 

I am a believer in work hard play hard, but I tend to do all the hard work and don’t give myself nearly enough time for the play hard part. It is probably because I am in school so no matter how hard I work in school, it just doesn’t pay the bills. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some down time right? Right! So with the help of keeping track of where my spending is going, it should make me and my bank account smile and give me room for play! I am thinking a good camping trip this summer!    

| Seven | More We Time 

This is a tough one during the school months because the we time that we do get I spend getting Jeremy to test me with my mountain of flashcards. Not only does he hate it, but it gets boring and old really quick! So with me staying on top of my planning, I am hoping that we can actually have some real us time with Lexi too. That means going on more little walks or skating and even a few date nights to the movies but it doesn’t have to be that fancy, we could even find a new recipe and make a cool new dinner together.    

| Eight | Reduce My Waste 

This one should not be hard at all seems how I am all about the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle but I do feel I should step up my game a little by bring a togo cup with my so that I am not throwing them away. I may even count the coffees and tea I get just to see how many I don’t use in a year. This also means I will not be using as many produce bags and all of my goods will be coming from the bulk section when they can!  

| Nine | Stay Hydrated 

I pride myself on being very on top of my water consumption, but, with the chilly weather and blowing snow I find that I am reaching for a cup of hot coffee or tea more than a crisp cup of water. Although those drinks warm me up they don’t quench my bodies thirst so with the help of my friends, mint, lime, and cucumber I will be reaching for my water much more than my regular cup of tea or coffee.    

| Ten | Try Something New

I am most excited for this goal, I have yet to come up with what I will be learning this year but I know it will be good. It may sound silly but looking back on last year I didn’t learn much that I was happy to learn and was as enjoyable as a hobby. Right now my ideas and yoga, running ( I used to run and loved it), photography or even clean eating or vegetarian dished. Maybe I will learn a little about all of these?! 

What is something you want to do in 2018?  

Stop. Drop. 2017 Rewind!

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters”

Goodbye, two thousand seventeen! Hello, Two Thousand Eighteen! I am so excited for the new year because that means it is time to reflect on all the beautiful memories I made in the year past and I get to share them all with you. Don’t worry I will keep them short and sweet. So what are you waiting for? Take a stroll through each month of my 2017 rewind. And don’t forget to let me know what your favorite moment was in the comments below!


January, that marked six months of living in Kelowna and I was beginning to get used to it, love it, and enjoy all the people I had met in school so far. This month also marked the completion of semester one. I would say it was easy but that would be a lie! It was full of stress, papers, and deadlines but I made it through without being defeated.


This month was slow, it was valentines day and we celebrated by staying in, making dinner and spending time with each other! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend it. And we also picked up my new dirt bike!! 


I was still in school and counting down the last days for this month so not much was happening but my little brother did celebrate his birthday this month!!


This month had an amazing experience that I will not forget! So what made April so special? Well, I started my first nanny job! That is right I became a full-time nanny for a wonderful family of four children, two boys, and two girls. Two had school so I spent my days with the little ones making crafts, playing outside, swinging for hours, and baking yummy treats.



I got to visit my bestie for the day to celebrate her 20th birthday and I even put together a wonderful surprise for her. It was by far the highlight of my month, we shopped, have a delicious lunch, and I put a smile on her face with the present I got her. I spelled her name out with the gifts I got her and even wrote a riddle so she would have to guess what it was.


This month was both happy and sad! One the sad note I had to say goodbye to my first vehicle my beloved red 2003 jeep tj. I may have said goodbye to my beloved Rubi but I will never say goodbye to adventures I went on with it, from mudding to cruising with the top off. On the brighter side, I upgraded to a pearly white 2014 Jeep Patriot. Once a Jeep Girl always a Jeep Girl right?! And on the bonus of buying my new Jeep, I won a year service package from the dealership too!



This month was jam-packed full of wonderful memories! To start it off Jeremy and I went on an amazing trip back to our hometown to visit with family, friends, and best of all attend a beautiful wedding. Next was our two-year anniversary and all I can say is breathtaking! I was swept off my feet to Quails Gate Winery for an amazing dinner. Next Jeremy and I celebrated our birthdays, ill keep the ages a secret though. Last and finally! I launched this blog, my blog and I am so happy I did.


This was the last month before school started again and it was definitely filled to the top with work, blogging, and fun. I started my second nanny job, taking care of two amazing bright-eyed and fun little girls. They always had me on my toes, laughing and smiling! Innetween all the nannying and serving Jeremy and I also go to take a day trip and ride the Kettle Valley Rail, it was a great way to end the summer.


Hello second year!! And Hello engagement! This month was by far the best month of my life! I got to say yes to the love of my life and I am looking forward to our big day. The proposal was everything and more, it was entirely how I could have even imagined it, a beautiful hike with the surprise of a lifetime!


After last month how could life get any better is what I thought. And it did! Jeremy and I had a wonderful visit from his parents and we got the news that we are going to become Aunt and Uncle!!



This marked study month! it was all about paper after paper and ten finals! But I am happy that it all worked out in the end and I am very happy with my grades. 


 Semester one of year two was finally done! And to finish it off I got to bring home my new baby hedgehog, little Piper! She is so cute and very friendly, I love everything thing about her.

Thanks for reading! And stay tuned for the new posts coming soon. 2018 has many things in store for Entirely Taylor and I am excited to share it all with you! Happy New Year!

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