My Little Lost Package Fiasco

Have you ever lost a package in the mail? If you have then you are very familiar with the 5 stages of losing a package. Stage One: Shock, “What!!! You haven’t received the package I sent you?” Stage Two: Denial, “There is no way you haven’t gotten the package. I know I wrote the right address on it.” Stage three: Anger, “I can not believe that the post office lost my package, they are going to be hearing about this!” Stage Four: Hopelessness, “It is gone! Gone forever, lost to the island of misfit packages. I will never see it again, it will never arrive.” Last but not least Stage Five: Acceptance, “I know it is gone but oh well, maybe it will turn up one day.” These were the 5 all too real stages I went through during my recent long lost package fiasco.

| The Story |

Recently, or more like October to be exact, my Grammy sent me a package. By now it was November, she never told me that she sent the package until she began to wonder why I never said “Thank You” or mentioned that I had gotten it.”You haven’t gotten the package I sent you yet? That is impossible!” she thought. But it was true I hadn’t gotten it. So you can definitely say were head deep in stage one of losing a package shock. Although, even with the ample time that had past we decided to give it a few more days because maybe it would arrive So the next week I checked the mail again and still no package.

By now stage two denial had sunk in leaving me thinking “there is no way my Grammy wrote down the wrong address! She has sent me packages before.”  However, I did double check with her and just like I thought she had written down the right address. So where was the package? and Why was it taking so long? We needed answers and fast before it was lost forever.

This lead to stage three, anger! I check the mail over and over, I asked the nice lady at the front desk but she told me there was nothing there for me. My grammy had her sister check her mailbox to see if the package was returned but of course, it wasn’t! The months past October, November, December, and still no package. The final stages were upon us, hopelessness and acceptance. At first, I was hopeless but I wished it would turn up even if it were months from now. Then I began to accept it and out of nowhere the package arrived!! 

This is where the happy ending begins one month later on January 15th the package had finally arrived. I was checking the mail, as usual, I brought my package slip to the front I knew what it was, my wedding stuff but the lady was holding a small yellow package too. That was odd and to my surprise, it was the lost package! I smiled and laughed a little, thanked the nice lady and all I could think was, I knew it would arrive. Better late than Never, I always say!

So my lovelies that is the story of my missing package. I hope you all enjoyed it and I hope it left you with a smile on your face and a giggle in your voice. Below are all the lovely things that were packed inside. So let’s hear one of your missing package stories. I’m sure you have a good one! What are you waiting for? Leave it in the comments below so I can read them! And may your shipping go smoothly!!

These old, simple, little measuring spoons may seem like an odd thing for a gift but they almost made me cry. They are the spoons that my Great Grandma used for baking with her children, then they were passed down to my Grammy. She used them to bake with her children and someday I hope to do the same with my children.
This little bracelet was just the thing a needed to add a little extra pink to my wardrobe. You can never have too much pink!
The one I had been waiting for! A shiny, pearly white, grey and silver wrap bracelet. It is beautiful and the best part is it was made by hand by my wonderful Grammy herself. Can you tell I like bracelets and jewelry yet?!

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