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What is an engagement without an engagement shoot? One that is just as lovely as one who doesn’t get one done. But being the type of person that is always clicking that flash I knew we had to get one done. I wanted to capture the moment and the beauty of the place we got engaged because to me it was truly a place out of a fairy tale. The old weathered barns, the burnt orange, and yellow trees with the golden grass and the crystal water of Okanagan Lake made Fintry Falls my dream engagement shoot location. And best of all it was the exact place of the proposal too, so it has lots of meaning behind it too. If you want to read all about the sweet juicy proposal details you can check out my “How He Popped The Question Post Here”.  

At first I thought it would be really easy. Like how difficult can an engagement shoot really be? Quite a bit more difficult than you would think. You have to find the right photographer, plan outfits, hair, and makeup. And not to mention have faith that the October rain won’t drown you out!

Being the person who takes my own photos with my phone I didn’t have a clue where to turn other than to google. And after searching high and low and email about five different photographers I had made a decision. I knew what I wanted, a small photo session about half an hour to forty minutes long with Jeremy, me Lexi and I wanted that to include 12 edits at the end with printing rights and I wanted them to be taken at Fintry Falls. Getting a photographer to travel to Fintry Falls was harder than I expected but I did find one… The perfect one at that… Matt and Julie Photography!


| The Engagement Shoot |

Friday, October 6th marked the day of our wonderful Engagement Shoot. The day started off like another other, Jeremy went to work, I stayed home and studied until it was time to get ready. I did my hair in some cute curls and brushed Lexi really well then waited patiently for my love to come home. Everything was going good, for the most part, it was a little cloudy but that just makes for “better light” I told myself and as the grey clouds rolled in and out I prayed it wouldn’t rain.

Jeremy got all fixed but after a long day at work and we were ready to go so I went to put on my tights and as soon as I pull them on ripppppp all the way up my leg from toes to thigh! So we rushed to the closest store and bought another pair trying to beat the clock and still get out of Kelowna at the right time. And even with the rush hour traffic, we did. Next on the list was beating the rain that ever so lightly sprinkled the windshield Jeremy and his parents tried to calm my nerves as the clouds were getting darker and darker. And sure enough, they were right, by the time we pulled in the Fintry parking lot the rain had stopped. Frist spot was the barn, it was odd trying to act all lovey and close with two people around us who we didn’t know. But we made the best of it and Lexi did even better. Well for one shot she did and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. Next, we took some pictures in front of different buildings, trees and the lake finishing with the golden field. Throughout the photoshoot the sun began to show little by little, and by the last photo, it was a beautiful glow setting behind us as we sat hand in hand in the golden field.  Below are a few of my favorites!!

| Matt and Julie Photography |

“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.”

– Edward Abbey

I chose to go with Matt and Julie Photography because they had no problem with working with what I was looking and it fell in my budget too. They were wonderful and very accommodating of what I needed, even putting together a little photography package that fit all my needs including Lexi and Fintry Falls. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Once it came to the shoot they made it fun, welcoming and they were very patient and friendly with Lexi too. What drew me to Matt and Julie Photography was not only their kind nature but their portfolio as well, it includes a wide variety of outdoors shoots from lakes to fields, heritage houses and more. Seeing this made me know that they would be the perfect fit for my dream Fintry Falls Shoot. I highly recommend them! And if I could I would have them take our wedding photos too! If you want to find about more about Matt and Julie you can go to