The Roses and Thorns of October

Well with October coming to a close I thought I would share a little bit about what has happened in the last month and explain why my posts haven’t been as frequent as they usually are. So here’s the roses and thorns of October and to a sunny, foggy breathed November. Roses are thorns posts are something that I have seen floating around the blogging world and I thought it would be a great way to connect with you, my readers. What are some of your roses and thorns of October? Let me know in the comments below.


| Thorns |

Okay so we will start with the Thorns, because like they always say, bad news first good news last. Thorns can be anything in your life that bring you down cause you stress or just turn that good day into a cloudy one. But you can not go throughout the month without a few thorns to push through! I didn’t have many thorns to push through this month and I am happy for that but I did have one that I am still shaken over.

– A bad Spanish test mark.

– A midterm each week.

– The passing away of Theodore 

– Overworking and not getting to spend needed time with my love

Now I know these things are very small in comparison to the thorns of the world but all building up on top of each other does bring a person down. Being able to talk about it all helps though and I hope this shows you how real and normal my life really is.


| Roses |

Now for the smiles and sunshine, now for the roses of October. These are the things that have made you smile, made you happy and have washed away some of the stress of life. They can be as small as finding a new favorite drink or the changing to your favorite season to as big as a vacation or even getting a raise maybe. And so these are all the roses that bloomed for me this month.

– The season changed to autumn, my favorite season

– Dirty Chai! Need I say anymore other than, you HAVE to try one!

– I confirmed a few wedding things (stay tuned for the details)

– Had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with the family inlaw

– Got put on the waiting list for a new little hedgehog and she is coming soon

– Only one and a half months till semester one is over

– Got my engagement photos after a long wait!

So those were all the little things that brought a smile to my face this month. Make sure you stay tuned and subscribe so you don’t miss a post because I have many more to come for November including a giveaway and some wedding sneak peaks maybe. What were some of the things that brought a smile to your face this month?




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