The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Midterms

Well, well, it is that time of year again, the dreaded time of midterms. That one or two-week period of paper after paper and exam after exam. The time of year that brings long nights of flash cards, coffee refills and the stress of getting that A. It may seem daunting with everything you have to do but in the end it will all get done! I know it will and you do too. So if you need a few little tips and tricks to get you through those midterm days then this is just for you. Here is everything that makes my studying less stressful and even fun. Because even though you may have lots to do, your life can not be just school, school, school! Even the best of students take time for their self. So here is the Ultimate Guide To Surviving Midterms!

| One: Get Enough Sleep |

This is probably one of the most important things when it comes to surviving the midterm week. Sleep will help you de-stress, boost your memory and keep you from being over exhausted. Because there is nothing worse than dozing off in a boring lecture like history or math. So, if you are thinking of pulling an all-nighter to cram all that studying in you may want to think again and consider getting a few extra zzz’s.


| Two: Plan Ahead |

Oh for the love of planning, there is nothing I love more and for a very good reason at that. Planning ahead and writing down all of those overlapping due dates will not only help you remember when each paper is due and when each exam will take place but it will also help you to organize what you need to study and when. Try creating a study plan to help you stay on top of what you need to study and when. You will be amazed at how much it can really help.


| Three: Learn What Your Learning Style Is |

If you are already in college or even high school you may already know what type of learning style fits your needs the best. And that is wonderful! But if you do no then you can take this little quiz here to find out. Or try to focus on what helps you to remember things next time you are in class and roll with it for studying. Do you remember by seeing, by doing, or by listening? I am a Kinesthetic learner mixed with auditory meaning I best remember things when I do them myself, for example, I write out index flash cards that I can answer out loud and this is the number one way I study by self-testing. Knowing how you learn best will help you devise study plans that fit your needs.


| Four: Get Out Of The House |

Get out of your house! No really, I mean it! Leave your house or the school or where ever you usually study and find a new place to try out. You will be surprised at how much it can change your studying. When you study at home there are so many distractions that can lead to you not getting all the work you wanted to get done, done. So try out a new coffee shop you have always wanted to stop by, try getting out into nature and bring your studies with you to the dog park or on a walk, the fresh air does wonders for concentration.



| Five: Create A Study Group |

Say hello to a few of your fellow classmates that sit around you, make some new friends and plan a study session. There is nothing better than being able to get that little bit of extra help especially when it is with friends. Explaining a subject or a point to a friend will help you to remember it and help you better understand too all while helping a friend out. Make up some creative acronyms, watch a Youtube video on the topic and quiz each other. If you dare you could eve go to a local favorite pub from some wine or a beer and study with some food too!


| Six: Eat Healthy |

Okay, get out all those healthy snacks and brain food. Studying on an empty stomach or one packed full of sugary and fatty foods can make it hard to focus, thus making it hard to remember all the important points or hard to just stay awake in class. So get out those antioxidants, fatty acids, omega 3’s and protein, get out your lunch kit and start preparing some yummy lunches and snacks to bring with you to class. And this means breakfast too, make sure you pack or make a good healthy one before you go off to class. Food powers the brain. Plus who doesn’t like snacks?!


| Seven: Relax, Take Time For Yourself |

Along with sleep, this is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to surviving your midterms and by far the most fun. Remember to relax, take time for yourself and have a little fun too. I do not just mean take a day to unwind I mean take that 10 to 15 minutes in-between classes or in-between studying different subjects to breathe and just relax. Along with relaxing and take time for yourself, treat yourself too. If you fall in love with that shirt or cozy scarf then buy it! Or treat yourself with an indulgent snack, that is right, eat that cinnamon bun and that pumpkin pie to your heart’s content. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while!


So what are you waiting for? Get out that planner, catch some extra zzz’s, pack up a yummy lunch and get your study group together, then get studying. Stock up on some flash cards and get ready to ace that upcoming midterm. I am in the same boat as all of you and I can not wait for them to be over. And I bet you can’t wait too!


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  1. As a long-term college student, these are excellent tips for studying. I often use most of them myself. Good luck on your exams!

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